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Bed Bug Heaters

With BestControl professional equipment you can solve your bed bug problem immediately.


No more bookings with pest control companies, no more negative customer reviews. 


An in-house solution that will save you money.

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The smart solution
for pest control.


Exterminate bugs with one usage

BestControl portable bed bug heaters allow you to exterminate bed bugs and pest infestations avoiding multiple chemical treatments which are harmful for the environment. 

Using our electric heaters, the room temperature raises, efficiently destroying the unwanted visitors.

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Avoid the usage of chemical products which are harmful for the environment and can damage your space.


Safe and easy to use

in-house solution that your team can use.

Thermal Extermination

Faster and effective extermination using high temperatures.

360º Presentation

BestControl Heater 200v / BestControl Pro 380v

BestControl Heater 220V

BestControl Heater Pro 380V

bed bug heater

The best solution for pest control.
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