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Bed Bug Life Cycle

What are bed bugs and how do they appear?

Bed bugs, contrary to common knowledge, it is not a problem that affects only hotels or guest facilities.

Because these are human parasites, bed bugs can appear more often in facilities where more people and luggage circulate.

Bed bugs and other pests must be eradicated effectively.

BestControl portable heaters use high temperatures to eradicate bed bugs in any life stage, including their eggs.

It solves the problem effectively by breaking the cycle.

The professional BestControl devices
are also effective
with other pests.

High temperatures are effective not only to exterminate bed bugs but also on other pests.


Pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, other insects or even fungus like mould, can also be exterminated effectively through heat.


It is important to control temperature and operation time when using this type of treatment.


BestControl Heaters are easy to use, professional devices, that can be easily used to control pests:


BestControl Heater 220v - can heat the air up to 55º C. Usage time will depend on the type of pest and the size of the area affected. 


BestControl Pro 380v - can heat the air up to 65º C and allows you to reduce the duration of the procedure.



Guarantee an even distribution of the heat, in order to tackle all the areas, even the ones that are harder to access, with our BestControl Blower.


This device is a useful addition when using BestControl Heater or BestControl Pro.



BestControl has additional solutions to control the temperature, such as infra-red thermometers, data storage devices and other accessories.


Check our products.

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